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How and when can you repay your payday cash advance?

Payday advance or a payday loan has its name due to the repayment terms. After having applied for our payday advances you should pay your loan back on or after your next payday.

How to pay off your payday advance loan?

If you won’t repay your loan, we will have to put some additional fees on you. Sometimes there are situations when your lender can do nothing but to resort to the help of your wage garnishment or even lawsuit. If you know how to recompense your payday advance you may avoid wasting your money and energy on possible unpleasant legal consequences.

How to define the possible cost of your payday advance loan?

A payday cash advance is the handiest way of obtaining money with a lot of benefits one of which is lower cost in comparison with the fee that may be charged by such financial institutions as banks. But if there is a situation when a payday advance can’t be paid back you will have late fees. Some clients ask us about extending their payday advance loans’ term and as a result they should be ready for rollover rates. Being a short-term loan, payday advance has annual percentage rate (APR) which is the interest rate for the whole year that in most cases more than 300 %.

How to know that your loan may be renewed

When you sign documents concerning getting your payday advance loan, pay attention to what is written in fine print. The terms of the loans we are offering you have such opportunities as extending or renewing the loan. Sometimes we have right to renew your payday advance without your approval. We recommend you to sign our financial documents only after having read them thoroughly not to have misunderstandings in future.

How to ask for help if you have questions about your payday advance

If you have questions which refer to our policies contact our online help service or write to our e-mail but before this you can turn to frequently asked questions where you can find the replies to your questions. You should make it clear for yourself in order not to forget to repay your payday advance by chance. Otherwise, you will be charged a fee.

What must be done before signing contract concerning payday advances?

  • First of all, you should find out if your payday loan has an option of automatic renew.
  • Understand lender’s privacy policies to have a guarantee that your personal data is being securely protected.
  • Ask beforehand about any possible additional fees to be ready for them in future. For example, you can be charged for such service as electronically depositing your money into your bank account.
  • Make sure that you know your lender’s contact information. In case you have questions or some problems while applying for payday loans you should turn to us via our website as we are available 24 hours a day for our customers.
  • After giving an authorization for payday advance with the aim of making the funds’ deduction possible directly from your bank account, find out first how much and when that amount of money will be taken by the lender.

How and when can you repay your payday cash advance?

All stages of our applying process for installment loans for bad credit.

How do Instalment Loans differ from Payday Loans?

How do installment loans for bad credit and payday loans differ?

Short-term loans as an investment in your long-term financial health.

5 reasons to use our instant payday loans services.

Same day payday loans up to $1000 at your disposal when you need it badly.