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5 reasons to use our instant payday loans services.

Do you need to make a decision quickly but you don’t know which instant payday loans to choose because there are a great number of lenders who seem to offer similar products? It is truth but only partially! Here we will demonstrate you how our company differs from others at the payday loans market today.

What can CTCLoans offer you as our client?

We understand that you need to get money as quickly as possible. That’s why we provide our customers with immediate payday loans which will be transferred into your banking account in 15-30 minutes! Is there anything faster than our instant payday loans? The answer is definitely negative because we use this time for processing your information which you have provided in your application form and give you our instant reply in the form of an e-mail or the phone call made by our representative.

Why should you prefer our lending company to others at the market?

There are several important reasons which can help you to make your right decision while choosing your lender:

Reason number 1: We are your direct lender!

What does it mean and what kind of lenders are there nowadays? If you have never been interested in payday loans before then you may not know that there are not only direct lenders at the market. There are many organizations which are not actual lenders. They have the base of direct lenders whom they offer new clients and earn definite percent for helping the lenders to find customers for them. This variant is not the best one because their services can cost more expensive due to the fact they must earn some percent for their work. One more disadvantage of lead generators is that they share your personal information which can be used in their personal aims.

Reason number 2: We offer you no faxing and no teletrack!

Urgent problems require instant decisions and we are ready to provide you with our instant payday loans without such unnecessary things as:

  1. paperwork;
  2. teletrack;
  3. faxing.

CTCLoans value your time and use it for the most necessary things you can’t get your instant payday loan without.

Reason number 3: CTCLoans are open 24 hours a day

We understand that problems can occur at different time and CTCLoans are ready to help you in solving your financial problems any time! 24 hours a day 7 days a week you can visit our official website and fill out an online application form which will be the first stage of getting your instant approval payday loans. If you have any questions concerning our payday loans you are always welcome to ask our representatives who will be glad to help you in choosing our financial products.

Reason number 4: We are not interested in your credit history!

This means that you shouldn’t hesitate to apply for our instant payday loans even if you can’t be proud of your credit history. We are interested in your financial situation at the moment and not in your past failure to pay your credit back. Each person deserves to have the second chance and we are ready to provide you with this opportunity!

Reason number 5: Online process of getting instant payday loans

The whole process of getting our instant payday loans is online! You don’t need to go out to get your money as well as to pay your instant payday loan back. Receiving money has never been as convenient as it is now!


How and when can you repay your payday cash advance?

All stages of our applying process for installment loans for bad credit.

How do Instalment Loans differ from Payday Loans?

How do installment loans for bad credit and payday loans differ?

Short-term loans as an investment in your long-term financial health.

5 reasons to use our instant payday loans services.

Same day payday loans up to $1000 at your disposal when you need it badly.